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Fractional People Leader & Advisor


I partner with early-to IPO+ stage organizations as a fractional leader, advisor, or mentor. I specialize in helping companies build a strong people operations foundation, bring in best-in-class people programs, avoid expensive mistakes, and plan for the future. This is often needed when making strategic decisions around your people, processes, and systems roadmap to grow and scale. My work is structured based on your business needs.

Our work together can cover all aspects of your people strategy. Ad-hoc and project work can be added based on your business needs. Starting out it can be set as a monthly advisory retainer, and meeting weekly for one hour.
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HR Strategy Session


Sometimes you need to speak with an external advisor to think through challenging problems. This is a 60-minute opportunity to work on and through an idea you have, offer insight on a challenge you're facing, show and share my screen and work with you, bring a fresh perspective to what you're working on, and more!

Get advice on all aspects of your people team roadmap & strategy, people technology, and more. Whatever it is, by the end the session, I will ensure that you have a set of clearly defined next steps to move forward. You can book time with me below!
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Self-Discovery & Team Dynamics


Our comprehensive Everything DiSC and Wiley 5 Behaviors assessments, coupled with expert facilitation services, empower individuals and teams to unlock their full potential. Whether you're aiming for personal growth or seeking to enhance collaboration within your team, our tailored solutions provide valuable insights and actionable strategies.

Let's embark on a path of self-awareness and team synergy together!
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1:1 Mentorship


I have a passion for mentoring individual contributors and leaders to realize their personal goals and how they can impact more significant team outcomes. This is a unique 30-minute opportunity to meet, greet and learn more about me and my offers.

I also coach and advise early stage HR leaders to grow in their career and knowledge to drive greater impact. Who knows where this conversation will lead us -- I'm game if you are.
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Public Speaking


As a seasoned public speaker, I share my extensive knowledge and expertise in Human-Centered Design and the Future of Work through engaging and insightful presentations at conferences, webinars, podcasts, and workshops. My thought leadership and passion for empowering leaders and organizations to thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape make me a sought-after speaker. Electrify your venue by visiting...

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