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"Mindy has provided me with valuable advice as I am growing in my HR career.  She helped me strategically transition from recruiting to HR and offered unique perspectives based on her experience on programs I have looked to develop like mentoring and employee engagement. She is also always very positive and I come away from our conversations excited about the positive impact these initiatives can make."
— Jessica B.
HR Manager
IT Services Company
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"After seeing a presentation by Mindy on the use of Agile principles in HR, I felt that she could really help us in organizing and prioritizing the work for a segment of my team.  The team was stuck in reaction mode with the volume of work, and were struggling to find the space to get out of firefighting mode.

Mindy worked with the team asynchronously to methodically gather data. She met with the team on two occasions to listen, ask questions, and offer insights in how to remediate the issues.  The net result was that the team felt validated (yes, the work was in fact often exceeding capacity) and they gained some practical tips to improve efficiency and organize the work.

This collaborative approach led to our decision to hire a project manager to facilitate short-term and long-term solutions to the issue. If your team struggles with workload, strategic focus, or productivity, I recommend working with Mindy."
— Jeff S.
VP of Total Rewards
Software Company
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"During my maternity leave, I worked with Mindy from Agile in HR as they provided Fractional Head of People services for our organization. Mindy not only stepped into the role seamlessly but also provided invaluable oversight and mentorship to our HR leadership team. Her strategic guidance made sure that our team met and exceeded their strategic initiatives on time. Her mentorship played a crucial role in boosting our HR leaders' confidence and skill capability.

What distinguishes Mindy is her ability to understand the unique dynamics of our organization and tailor her support accordingly. If you're seeking interim HR leadership that accomplishes strategic goals and fosters professional growth, I wholeheartedly recommend Mindy and Agile in HR. Her expertise, dedication, and ability to seamlessly integrate into your team are unparalleled."
— Stephanie M.
Head of HR
Online Marketplace
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"Mindy surpassed my expectations as an HR leadership mentor. She dedicated time to understand my goals and provided the most effective tools to help me. Thanks to her guidance and support, I now feel like the HR professional I've always aspired to be. Mindy instilled confidence in me and enhanced my thought process, ensuring success in my HR initiatives. Grateful for her time, and we'll definitely stay connected."
— Sydney W.
Global HR Business Partner
Electronic Parts Supplier

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